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02.12.2013 / 09:09:20

"Ziyeda" - the movie about hope, strength of mind and true nobility

It is the new project of Uzbekfilm studio. In it is mute the big team of the people betrayed to the business is involved. They work over that it is very important – to tell for each person about life, its peripetias, hopes and expectations of our contemporaries. Over creation of the new feature film "Ziyeda" directors Dzhavokhir Kasymov, Bakhridin Aynazarov work. The scriptwriter – Murad Mahomed Dost. Husandzhurayev, Sayyora Yunusova, the actor of the Tashkent Academic Russian drama theater Oleg Vasilyev is involved in a picture quite strong actor's состав:ДильнозаКубаева.
   In life of the well-known singer, Ziyoda (Dilnozakubayev's) loving mother there comes very difficult strip. In her daughter find a dreadful disease – leukemia. And its rescue requires operation in other country. And the main thing – big money, which at it, unfortunately not is necessary. Ziyoda isn't going to give up! It starts up an entrance all the forces. Tries to find sponsors – all vainly. They or aren't present, or they lay down unacceptable conditions. Then Ziyoda sings at many corporate parties and weddings. Its forces on a limit. To all misfortunes she quarrels with the neigbour. In heated argument, Ziyoda pushes the debater, and that, having hit the head, dies. After that the singer gets to prison and doesn't know as now to rescue the daughter. The movie tells about fight for life, self-sacrificing love of mother to the child, about huge desire to live, contrary to all difficulties, original human nobility and humanity.
Dzhavokhirkasymov, director:
We long looked for actors for the movie, especially for the featured actress, carried out numerous tests. And our choice unconditionally fell on Dilnozukubayeva. First, because she too mother, and it is very good actress. We seek to create the movie in which all canons of cinema where up to standard the art party, in too time it will be interesting to the mass viewer will be observed. We very much like the scenario of the writer Murada Mahomed Dosta. It is very close to real life and quite accurately shows us the show business world. And I very much would like that each viewer, having watched the movie, I told: "If in life I get to a similar situation, I won't give up. I will act also, as the main characters!"
Bakhridinaynazarov, director:
I was affected by a plot. Subject very good. I think, all the destiny of children interests. This the best that is in a family and in life. After all with children we live both in pleasure, and in trouble. And, certainly, this subject can't but affect the creative person. Therefore we are always glad to work on this subject.
Sayora Yunusova, actress of theater and cinema:
I often play a role of mothers. It opens to the actress great opportunities for disclosure of a subject, self-expression. Here I play the grandmother. In this role found reflection and my personal experiences. It seems to me that there will be very good, necessary movie for youth and we with pleasure in it acted.
Husandzhurayev, actor:
 I very long prepared for shootings of this movie. Carefully I read the scenario and various books. It is my first big role at cinema. I am very glad to that in the movie I play the kind, sympathetic person who isn't indifferent to foreign trouble.
Oleg Vasilyev – the stage and film actor
: In this movie I play a role of the doctor worrying about destiny of the small, seriously ill child who tries to help to cope with trouble. Subject very important. All of us tried to open it as it is possible more deeply. The movie urges to be kind and not indifferent to foreign trouble. Also it is necessary to think well always before accepting that, or other decision so far as concerns destiny of the person, especially the young
Shootings of a picture are complete, to her prime minister is planned to show already soon, in January of next year.
                                                                                                                      Lolita Sradzheva

18.12.2013 / 11:38:22
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