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02.12.2013 / 09:00:19

Otabek Makhkamov, actor, lawyer and simply talented person

Among actors of the Uzbek cinema of present generation of criticism and the audience in increasing frequency pays attention to images created on the screen the actor Atabek Makhkamov. It involves film directors with reliability of actor's game, imposing appearance, very much it is helped by also free knowledge of English. In 2011 and 2012 movies "Visol", "Kelganda kelin-2" and "Ok Padar" with Makhkamov's participation, shown in out-of-competition display, within the Tashkent International film forum "the Gold Cheetah", were noted as the noticeable phenomenon in the Uzbek cinema.
At the same time, Atabek professional lawyer, honourable doctor of the international private law of the European Academy of law enforcement agencies (Budapest, Hungary). Has about 50 scientific and special publications in the Uzbek, Russian and English languages in legal, scientific and other magazines of Uzbekistan, the USA, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine and other countries. Successfully combines legal and scientific activity with execution of roles in feature films of the Uzbek film directors and musical clips of popular actors of the Uzbek platform. A number of movies with its participation passed successful hire in CIS countries.
   You the international lawyer by training, became widely известены since 2010 thanks to the played roles in movies "Mazhrukh" ("Defect", 2011), "Eningdaman" ("I always am near", 2012),  ("I – a star", 2012), ("Damned by the father", 2012), "Zhodugar" ("Witch", 2012), "Hazon" ("Leaf fall", 2013), "Farzandim-2" ("My-2 child", 2013,), what brought you into the film industry?
- To be the successful lawyer, it is necessary not only knowledge not only fundamentals of law, international, private, personal, and also the national legislation but also to possess deep knowledge of the sphere of psychology and to own acting bases. Inclinations were from school – we played at school theater. During study I often thought: "My God, here besides, legal university, it is necessary also theatrical to finish! " And it so because there are different situations. And when I had an opportunity to try at cinema, I wasn't sure that at me in general something will turn out. Probably, it is better for audience to judge it.
Any role became the most memorable?
- I hope that at me them still will be much. I admit frankly, all mine a role for me are very close and loved therefore each picture, advertizing, the clip is an event for me! When me ask what of my roles darling – I answer: the last played. Because the self-improvement way in art is infinite. I will give one example. I very much liked my role in the movie "Zhodugar" ("Witch") in which I play the lawyer - the criminal. Here it was where to be developed to open this image fully.
Tell, please, about the collection of photos with world celebrities and meetings with them.
- Someone collects brands, someone foreign currency. And I prefer to collect photos. Not autographs, namely photos with world celebrities. Why not autographs? As regards the profession I am also a handwriting expert. I can determine character of the person by handwriting. I consider that any handwriting can be forged. Even if it is photoshop, it always is evident. As the well-known Sandra Ballok speaks, "The photo is that remains after our life". I try to keep these photos. Today them at me more than hundred. In the future, I want to publish the book about life of these people, to write the autobiographical story. In it there will be an answer to a question as it is necessary to build the cinema career.
- Somehow I had a meeting in Hungary to Jodie Foster known for the American actress and the director. This tremendous woman is the double owner of the award "Oscar" for Best Actress — in movies "Accused" and "Silence of lambs I approached, greeted, we with it got to talking and still we communicate, correspond. In America I studied advanced training course in law. Then about cinema also the speech couldn't be. I met in Macaulay Culkin's cafe by chance. He had dinner there with the friends, and I with the. Here I arrived by the same principle, as with Jodie Foster. Simply I approached and I got acquainted, I told that I am his admirer that I very much like his movies, told about its characteristic features which especially were pleasant to me. I kept within in five minutes. When I finished, he asked:
- You have all
- Yes! – I speak, I.
- And it is possible to be photographed with you?
- Yes, of course, I speak.
- From what you state?
- From Uzbekistan, I answered.
-  Then he invited me to have dinner.  I very much was delighted.  At us subjects for conversation didn't come to an end, later we with Macaulay exchanged phones, and we contact more than 10 years.  And now we with it close friends, it supports me in all my creative undertakings. 
How you consider what has to be the successful movie?
- Completely, after all I don't know, and, probably, until the end of life I don't learn. Cinema bases, also as well as fundamentals of law - are boundless. But proceeding from creative experience, now, in a century of globalization, I think, it is important not only the scenario, but director's work is very important. Director's insistence. I often observed how the same actors, play at beginning directors and at the known. I every time was surprised why they play at them differently. Actor one. And then I understood, the director's task is how important. When I acted in the movie "Mazhrukh", from once won back, without doubles. When shot the movie of Fringes Yakubov "Endiradi-kuydiradi" that in translation "My love – my pain" where I played a role not - the taken place groom, everything was also very quickly. But happens and differently, once we shot 5 minute scene from evening to morning. A lot of things depend on the director.
 With what new projects you can please the admirers?
- I was lucky to act in the Hollywood fighter "Death angel" with participation of known Uzbek, American, Russian and Kazakh actors – Ulugbek Kadyrov, Mathias Hughes, Igor Savochkin and hard. I played a role of one of colleagues of the main character in this movie. The movie is planned to start in world hire in 2014. Now I play in the movie at Dilnoza Abdoul Back, in English. Generally, the first steps already are. It isn't enough one aspiration and desire in any business. It is necessary also creative burning and very big desire to achieve success.
                                                                          Olesya Nedobegova, Lolita Sradzheva

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