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10.12.2013 / 09:26:21

Opening days. Applauded the artist Svetlana Shin, remembered the miniature painter Sadriddin Pochchayev.

The calendar winter came to Tashkent, and in a big hall of the International caravanserai of culture of a name of Ikuo Hiroyama буд the fall reigns in all beauty. Since the beginning of week it is decorated by picturesque cloths which tell about beauty of life, the native land, our unique nature. Here pictures of the gifted Tashkent artist Svetlana Shin are presented. As it was noted at the opening ceremony of an exhibition of the picturesque pictures "Autumn Motives", for its works the special expression, expressiveness and a rich color palette are characteristic. She is the worthy representative and the successor of a creative dynasty known in Uzbekistan.
Svetlana Shin was born in Tashkent in 1974. I graduated from art school of Benkov, then I continued the professional education at National institute of arts and design of K.Bekhzod and today trains in native higher education institution of future artists. It has a wide experience of participation in republican and foreign exhibitions where her pictures receive high appreciation. Its works decorate the collection of the gallery of the fine arts of Uzbekistan, National bank of foreign economic activity, private collections in the USA, Germany. To South Korea, England, Japan and other countries. Addressing to gathered it I told that lives in the beautiful country where it is possible to live and create perfectly.
Speaking about Svetlana Shin's personal exhibition the responsible secretary of Creative association of artists of Uzbekistan at Academy of Arts of Feruz Maksumova noted the following:
F.MAKSUMOVA - All of us know the great artist the Spark Ilyinichna Shin, this is Svetlana's mother. I also would like to approach to us Igor Nikolaevich Shin, one more representative of this dynasty of artists. All of you know Nikolay Sergeyevich Shin's creativity, light memory to it, too the remarkable artist, the person with big soul, the founder of this dynasty. Svetlana his granddaughter. They brought up a group of artists by the name of Shin. I think that now this dynasty will be continued by Svetlana's children.
We see with you a fine exhibition, happiness to you and health, achievements in everything.The meeting with professor of chair of National institute of arts and design of K.Bekhzoda Zukhroy Rakhimovnoy Ibragimova on whom she acted with lecture on the subject "The Bukhara Miniature Painter Sadriddin Pochchayev and His Works in the Collection of the State Art Museum of Uzbekistan" became one more noticeable event of leaving week in art life of the capital.
She told journalists, the experts who have come to this meeting, organized by the State museum of arts of Uzbekistan that S. Pochchayev (1880-1944) is one of bright representatives of the Uzbek art of a miniature of the beginning of the 20th eyelid. Carrying on traditions of the great predecessors, it enriched the works by spirit of the time. They are allocated with the thinnest patterns presented in the lyrical images and blossoming landscapes and refined flowers. In an exposition of the State museum of arts of Uzbekistan there are some fine miniatures copies made it from the Persian, Indian originals. It became famous also, as the talented master, the founder of jewelry.

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